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NH Death Records .com will manually search for a requested NH death record prior to 1948 at the NH Department of Vital Records for you!

Please Note: We are only able to research death records prior to 1948 due to state laws at this time. In coming months, it may be possible to search for NH death records prior to 1958 if the law passes in New Hampshire.

In order for us to search for a NH death record, you must be able to provide at least a last name that you are searching for. This is different than other death record search services because we are able to manually search for the NH death record. Other death record search services require much more information. The date of death must be prior to 1948.

Here's How it Works:

We will physically visit the NH Department of Vital Records and search for someone who you are looking for a death record on. You only need to know the person's last name for us to begin a NH death record search. Please remember, we are only able to search death records in New Hampshire prior to 1948. The more information you provide, the better chances we have to find the person's death record and the cheaper it will cost you as we charge by the hour to perform a search of the NH death records at the NH department of Vital Records. This service is great for anyone, even NH residents that do not wish to learn the protocol at the NH Department of Vital Records, just to get a single death record from a NH resident. Our services also work very well for people who are far away who are working on NH genealogy, or their family tree.


NH Death Record Search Costs:

We charge a flat rate of $85 for the first hour. This is also the minimum fee for our NH death record search services. This includes driving time, mileage, fuel and the first hour of searching. If additional search time is required, the hourly rate is reduced to $35/hour. A retainer is required to request a search of NH death records. The retainer amount should be at least $85.00. We will stop searching once your retainer amount has been reached. Unused portions of your retainer over the minimum charge of $85.00 will be refunded. So leaving a larger retainer will be beneficial to you if more time is needed. Fees are due whether a requested NH death record is found or not.


Tip: if you do not know the person's first name and or their date of birth and death, it would be wise to leave a larger retainer as this will widen search results and also increase the cost of photocopies. parent names are also helpful at keeping costs down. The more information you provide, the less expensive the search will cost. If you only supply a last name and it is a popular name, (Smith for example), this will also cause an increased cost to you.


What You Get:

You will get a photocopy (not a certified copy) of the NH death record(s) you requested. If you are not able to supply much information to search by and want copies of all persons matching the search criteria you supplied, hourly costs and photocopy costs will be higher and you should consider leaving a larger retainer amount. Copy reimbursement is .25 cents per copy. Copies are great for NH genealogy, or family tree projects.


To Begin a Search:

First, choose the retainer amount wisely as unused retainers will be refunded to you! You should select the most you are willing to pay for the NH death record search. If you leave too small of a retainer, we will leave the NH Department of Vital Records as soon as your retainer runs out, even without your records. It costs much more to have us return to the Department of Vital Records in NH than it would be to leave a large enough retainer. Unused retainer amounts are returned the same day they are requested.


Use the contact link below and let us know as much of the information you have about the person or persons you are searching for. We accept credit card payments through PayPal. Checks and money orders are also accepted but require a 14 day waiting period to clear before services are rendered. 

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Please Note: We are no longer offering this service.

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